James Bond: Quantum of Solace

December 2, 2008 at 7:19 am (Gaming)

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

Story: N/A

It’s the two Daniel Craig Bond movies. Not much in the creativity department but they did use the actual voices from the flicks and thankfully fast forwarded through the poker game in Casino Royale.

Gameplay: B

This was a surprisingly good aspect of the game. It combines first person shooter engine of Call of Duty 4 with a cover system similar to Uncharted or Rainbow Six. The melee combat and boss battles were pretty weak however, consisting of button combinations and no real creativity allowed on the player’s end.

The difficulty settings are probably the biggest fault of this game: It’s just way too easy with the cover system making you practically invulnerable. Even on 007 mode enemies are easily taken out if there is decent cover around.

The multiplayer was an unexpected treat. There are wide varieties of modes and challenges. Guns and gadgets are plentiful and able to be customized. Also, they made melee attacks normal for the online play. The golden gun in this version of Bond is a real bad ass: it’s essentially a rapid firing grenade launching revolver. The only downside of it is the reload time (had to make it a little bit fair didn’t they?)

Sound/Graphics: C+

Nothing spectacular, it’s the soundtrack of James Bond: you either love it or hate it, or just think it’s okay.  Graphically, it was decent, not mindblowing, though there are good explosion effects when shooting at propane/gas tanks.

Value: C

It’s not really worth the price of a new PS3 game, but if you have the chance to play or rent it (or the price drops to 20/30), it is surprisingly decent for a game based on a movie. The multiplayer gives it quite a bit of replay value if you do end up liking it and buying it.


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