Resident Evil 5 coming soon

March 2, 2009 at 3:47 am (Gaming)


Oh man, I can’t wait. CAPCOM’s Resident Evil 5 comes out in less than two weeks and just from playing the demo, I may be neglecting my priorities for the week following its release. Co-op zombie massacre (although i guess they’re not actually zombies in this one), a new inventory system where you can exchange items with your companion, boss battles, blood, and braaaaaaaains (i know i know, they’re not actually zombies, but let me dream).

Ive heard mixed opinions on the game from different people,the biggest being that they don’t like the control setup and they feel like this is just going to be resident evil 4 with improved graphics. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I won’t say that anyone out there is wrong for not liking the control scheme, but since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, here is mine. The controls DO take a little getting used to, and I think what put some people off was that the demo didn’t give you enough time to learn and get comfortable with the controls the first time though before the s***storm of infected start breaking down the doors. I personally like the controls and I think they lend themself well to what ultimately is meant to be a co-op/online game. The quick hud of the inventory allows players to swap ammo, herbs, and grenades to make them a more efficient killing duo, and that to me was a brilliant addition to this franchise.

The one thing I still find myself wishing for is a character that can move while aiming, even a slow walk would be nice so we could go around corners without being ambushed. I can see why the developers chose not to do this, and bear with me, here… makes the game better. That’s right, static aiming makes the game better, for three reasons. One, it builds suspense because as those infected close in on you and begin to surround you, the panic starts to set in a little, which is what the survival horror genre is all about right? Two, it levels the playing field. Moving around like a first person shooter would make taking down these unarmed infected seem far too easy. And three, this is vintage resident evil. Not a single game in the franchise has let you strafe or walk while aiming, so if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

All I’m saying to those of you out there who would say nasty things about this game is….wait. Reserve your judgments until AFTER the full version has been released, but until then, keep an open mind. I for one can’t wait to sink my teeth into this title (pun intended).



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