Killzone 2

March 3, 2009 at 3:07 am (Gaming)


Story: B+

Without trying to spoil anything about the story of Killzone 2, this time, the ISA forces of Earth are taking the fight to the Hellgeist as a returned favor for the Hellgeist’s invasion of Earth in Killzone 1. While the concept of the story is nice, it is plagued with nearly constant F bombs and one liners stolen from various sci-fi movies. The intro sequence is breathtaking though, and it actually gets you pretty pumped up to go out and shoot some “red-eyes”. And isn’t that the point of a story? To get you revved up and itching to see what happens next? So, not a perfect score, but still pretty good.

Gameplay: A-

There is a lot going right with this title. Enemy AI is smart and vicious and will advance on your position, use cover fire, and flanking techniques to flush you out from behind cover. Speaking of cover….I’m not a huge fan of the cover system, but it is better than no cover at all. The problem I have is that while behind cover, I still feel very exposed to incoming enemy fire….but again, it’s better than nothing. The running in this game is excellent though. You can run for quite a long time without needing to rest, and when you do need to stop, the stamina bar replenishes really quickly, making using the knife a lot of fun. The flamethrower is a LOT of fun to use and watch bad guys roast, and so is the exploding dartgun, but a lot of the other guns feel like a variation of the same machine gun, just with a different sight attached.

Sound/Graphics: A

This is easily the best looking shooter on the PS3 at this point in time. This is also one of the first shooters I’ve seen where as soon as an enemy dies, they don’t just go completely ragdoll limp and fall down, which is a little sadistic to enjoy, but the detail of the deaths is pretty impressive. Gunfire, explosions, and voices are on point and add an immersive element to gameplay.

Value: A-

The campaign is fairly long and there is some replay value if you are going for trophies. The online play is really what I like about the game, with the many game modes and maps available, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had playing online.


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